Adding Crown Moulding to your space

Adding Crown Moulding to your space

“OMG... Look at the crown molding!” – is absolutely all you hear when a home has this miraculous value additive. It doesn’t matter if the home is shabby, it doesn’t matter if the home is cluttered, in the buyers mind, if your home has Spectis crown molding it is LUXURIOUS! So why wouldn’t you go ahead and add it to your property? It isn’t that expensive. 

Do a room at a time, follow your painting projects and this small element will add infinite amounts of value to your home while you are living there plus you will see your money back ten fold.

If you want to go a step further and are seriously over zealous / love crown molding, then consider adding a ceiling medallion or other types of wall trim. 

Many new homes are incorporating different architectural details such as molding to increase sales. These new homes are using this appeal to stand out against the competition, and you can too. 

Adding subtle and inexpensive spectis architectural details can have a huge impact making a boring space stand out.

6th Mar 2016

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