Artisans and Spectis

Artisans and Spectis


The origins of craftsmanship and human genius’ like Leonardo da Vinci eventually lead to an understanding of European and international markets. 

The Italian artisan path ultimately led to America. Here, these craftsmen created a vast collection of public and private building elements and artifacts in the form of frescos, stained glass, mosaics, mouldings and sculptural-structural elements – each meticulously made by hand; a craft with dramatic all-but-lost artists.

That history and their work quality ultimately lead to the renowned Made in Italy status which is linked to a wide array of market segments to this day. They include art, fashion, fragrances, food, wines, furniture, appliances and mechanical engineering.

SPECTIS was founded base in part by our respect and admiration for the art and the artist. As this reverence is shared by many, a well-grounded interest in replicas emerged.

Over time, and in response the demand, we have developed thousands molds based on original, hand-crafted building elements created in some cases hundreds of years ago by these marvelous craftsmen. Although the artist is gone, their works remain.

Their work included not only moldings, but unique balusters, railings, blocks, gingerbreads, columns, sunbursts, keystones, arches, louvers, medallions, niches and more.

Our quality control system is designed to ensure that each and every item is inspected for conformance to our standards. 

Once approved, they are prepped with a high quality primer and ready for shipment, installation* and finish painting on your project.

* Testing has shown that only PL Premium mastic is compatible with our product/s.


We utilize a “just in time” production process that achieves two objectives. One, our products are not warehoused or placed in storage. Two, you receive your order just days from start to finish on our production line. We alter our staffing levels and production hours to meet your needs.

20th Oct 2015 Jerome Byanski

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